About Me

I am a charismatic, ambitious, hardworking person with a passion for communicating and a genuine fascination with people and their stories. Along with being outgoing, a fast-learner and having a good sense of humor, my excellent written and verbal communication skills are some of my best strengths – these have helped me endlessly when I’m put into leadership positions.

Although I love people and am consistently inspired by what can be accomplished with teamwork, I’m also incredibly productive when working independently. My strong abilities to organize, present and articulate context along with my superior grammar, spelling and organizational skills make me a proficient communicator, and I’d enjoy being able to help an organization by utilizing these abilities.

I have a strong understanding of the importance of communication and innovation, and I’m passionate about continuing to learn how people connect and receive information as our society progresses. As someone with great attention to detail who excels under pressure, I would love to work in an environment that is as fun, creative and diligent as I am.